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We need you all to respond INDIVIDUALLY to the Regulation 19 Epping Forest District Submission Local Plan


  1. You will need to write an electronic (not hand written) letter, addressed to the ‘Independent EFD Local Plan Inspector’. The letter should state your personal reasons why you want site LOU.R5 saved and protected (issued with Local Green Space designation) and why you feel it is essential to our community.
  2. Print off on A4 paper the ‘I love JG’ poster and get someone to take your photo holding the poster ideally on Jessel Green.

You can download the poster here


Download the step-by-step guide here

When you have your letter & photo we’ll need you to complete an online form, where you will need to upload your letter and photo as supporting evidence.

Click here for the online consultation form


  • To upload your letter and picture as part of your online response
  • Once you have received your confirmation from EFDC, please forward the email to
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