Our Aims

We have one simple focus: to prevent the building of any homes on our beloved Jessel Green and protect it by obtaining local green space designation.

About our campaign

Jessel Green is an open space loved by all local residents and visitors. Epping Forest District Council plans to build 154-plus dwellings on the site. We will not let this happen and wholeheartedly object to the plans.

How you can help

The main thing this campaign needs is awareness. If you let you friends, family and colleagues know about the petition, or can volunteer time to deliver leaflets please let us know. Every voice helps, please add yours.

Object to the plan now

You can make a big difference to the campaign now We need you all to respond INDIVIDUALLY to the Regulation 19 Epping Forest District Submission Local Plan (see below)

What residents say

Here's what locals think about the plan to build on Jessel Green

Mark Hickey

Loughton resident

"Jessel Green is a vital space much loved by and necessary for the community. Epping Forest District Council (EFDC) has ignored opposition and sound reasoning against its development. Inclusion in the flawed local plan is based on scandalous misuse of evidence and bias. The EFDC councillors who voted for its inclusion should be ashamed"

Neil Bartlett

Loughton resident

“We want zero houses to be built on Jessel Green and for it to be officially protected, so future generations are protected. It has been the worst two years if my life. I only bought my house for this view. If that goes I don’t want to live here anymore. It’s not right.”

Roxy Hadfield

Lives on Jessel Drive

“It is really important and an issue close to our hearts, I have been involved since the first meeting we had where we found out the green was under threat. My children and I use this space every day for one reason or another and the highlight of our year is the Jessel Green fun day. We are completely distraught at the thought we could lose even part of the green, we adore this space – it’s the heart of our community.”

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